The C70 has proved both a popular and comfortable convertible to seat four adults. Volvo's C70 has the security benefits of a hard top, which within 30 secs can turn into a sleek convertible. The original Fedde Talsma design incorporated many unique features including the floating console which turn it into one of the most desirable convertibles currently on sale. Together with all the usual Volvo safety attributes. It has the full Volvo range of engine and gearbox options available, and offers economical transport with the 1.6 TD engine through to the vastly more powerful options with the D5 range of engines.
As recent as 2007 the model went through a facelift, bringing its looks in conjunction with the rest of the updated Volvo range of cars. There were many upgrades throughout the design including the much heralded D3 2 litre, 5 cylinder engine, offering greater economy, yet powerful and smooth to drive. The range still has the SE and SE LUX range of trim and fittings,
All models come with dual zone Electronic Climate Control as standard. SE lux have leather seating as standard along with active Bi-Zenon lighting. Both models have electronically controlled memory driver seats as standard, Dolby Pro logic CD/sound systems and Ipod Aux inputs. The car is a full four seater vehicle which will accomodate four adults in comfort with the safetly of a pop up roll hoop in the event of a vehicle roll over. The vehicles as with all other Volvo models offers extensive air bags to prevent as much injury in the unforseen event of a collision.