The Volvo S40 has been around since the original incarnation now called the S40 classic of 1994. Designed then by Peter Horbury, it spawned an estate version called the V40, and would soldier on until its replacements came in 2004. It has always sold well, and even today we get early 2000 models with less than 100k on the clock which are 1 owner, cared for models. Although fewer and fewer are available, most in the later years had excellent specifications and accessories added as standard. The newer based models were a revelation in design, which included the floating console design by Fedde Talsma.
Based on the second generation Ford Focus platform, it inherited its good handling and incorporated Volvos range of 4 and 5 cylinder engines, it has a faithful following, many achieving high mileages along the way. The range of engines runs from the highly efficient and frugal 1.6 Turbo diesel, the petrol variant of the same capacity, right though to the 1.8 petrol, 2.0 litre turbo diesel and finally the D5 variants. There is a top of the range T5 petrol which boast 225bhp - there weren't many ordered, so finding a good one is becoming more difficult as time moves on, but a good one commands decent prices
There are the usual S, SE , SE lux trim combinations, with both wood and metal finish to the interior trim. All have dual climate control air conditioning as standard, the SE ranges having comprehensive equipment levels as standard, endearing them to their owners who often deserted their more expensive European makes due to the low level of options offered as standard. With regular servicing, many are past the 100k mark, some with electrical issues, but most have given sterling service, and all problems associated are known by BVS staff to ensure they run correctly. They have a good following and always sell in large numbers.