The Volvo S60 has proved to be a very popular saloon car in the Volvo range. Considered by many to be an ideal competitor to BMW's 3 series saloon, with industry standard seating, it offered an ideal compromise to the direct offerings of our european neighbours, in that it gave the driver hour after hour of comfort and effortless cruising with increadible levels of standard equipment, with reliability stretching into multiple thousends of miles as long as regular service intervals were adhered to. After a facelift in 2005, they soldiered on with better levels of equipment and reliability, until finally replaced by an all new model in 2009. It offered a slightly longer wheelbase than
the outgoing facelift S60 model seen above (in the highly unusual and rare blackcurrent pearlecent colour), which offered slightly more room in the rear for passengers. It also had another first for Volvo with the pedestrian detection system with automatic braking controlled by a radar in the grill which sweeps the roadway ahead and decides if a particular object is in danger of a collsion with the vehicle.
It then automatically brakes the vehicle to a halt to avoid that collision when the vehicle is travelling below 22mph. It also had an automatic brake detection system which prevents it colliding with stationary vehicles in slow moving traffic. It offeres a better aerodynamics and even comes with the 1.6TD engine with stop start, making it a highly efficient and economical vehicle to run, with cheap road tax. As usual there are ES, SE, SE Lux and R-Design/Lux trim levels, with cloth, dual cloth and leather and leather seating options. Many items seen as extras on other makes are standard across the range.Shown to the right is the latest facelifted version as of 2013, which offers less CO2 with fuel economy gains in certain engine and geartronic combinations.