Volvo's V50 'lifestyle' estate has sold well, and is always in demand on the used car market. Like the S40 and C30 it is based on the second generation Focus floorplan, giving it a supple ride with good handling attributes. It is a four door car with estate door at rear offering great access to the reasonably large booted area. All models came with a load cover to offer privacy to the contents when required. The whole range had dual climate air conditioning and the usual Volvo Industry standard seating offering a comfortable climate and place to
spend long periods of time, covering great distances. It offered S, SE and SE lux trims, providing the customers with a wide and varied choice, along with the engines from the 1.6TD and petrol four cylinders, to the 5 cylinder petrol and diesel engines (Auto only). The main supply was the 2.0 litre turbo Diesel, offering 6 speed transmissions, great torque and a relaxing drive, coupled with good economy. The most frugal in the range is the 1.6TD which achieves nearly 70mpg on the combined cycle and low tax due to its excellent emissions. During 2007 it underwent a facelift offering a slipperier shape, enhancing the aerodynamics even further and added trim levels which enhanced the interior experience

All V50's have the floating console design, and most have the 6 CD front loading sound system, some have the upgraded sound system on top which offers a warm and rounded sound to both radio and CD music being played. SE spec offered many enhanced items like the multi function steering wheel which operated the cruise control and sound system. They have proven to cover large mileages often without any problems providing they have good service history. It is a model which will be phased out in the next few years to be replaced with a totally new Volvo design including a range of four cylinder engines designed in-house.