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There is little question that it is an Estate version of the recently released S90 Saloon to be released on general sale during Late May 2016. The interior follows on with the same sensationally comfortable seating, Apple IPAD like centre screen with all the major functions displayed and accessed alike. Typically the cabin is Swedish minimalistic, but offers huge technology input without the often seen 'Button' overload in other manufacturers offerings.
A new Volvo V90 Estate which sets new standards of comfort and luxury for the make is due to be released towards the Third quarter of 2016. It is based on the same vehicle architecture where the platform can be increased or decreased with the same safety and structure integrity throughout the range. The whole Volvo range is due for re-vamp before 2020 and will include this architecture at its heart, along with its range of petrol and diesel 2.0 litre, 4 cylinder engines, with turbochargers, superchargers and Plug in Hybrid systems.
New Volvo V90 Luxury Estate Announced