The Volvo XC60 has found a niche following for those who want both a two or AWD vehicle with presence on the road, whilst not being a full sized 4 wheel drive off road vehicle. Being an estate based vehicle is has the extra capabilities of carrying large objects with ease, often over difficult terrain for standard cars or vans to cope with. It has the accepted Volvo levels of comfort, equipment and safety as standard, and can be enhanced with a large option catalogue at the time of purchase or retro fitted afterwards. The vehicle is fitted with the 2.0 litre 4 cylinder Turbo Diesel engines in both 2
wheel drive and All Wheel Drive, the rest of the range is fitted with either the 2.4 - 5 cylinder Turbo Diesel or the T6 Petrol engine and only available in All Wheel Drive. The ground clearance is raised to allow off road use and enhanced strength bodywork is supplied to try to prevent any damage occurring whilst traversing rougher terrain. Whilst not a full blown off road vehicle akin to a Land Rover, it is designed to be a road going AWD vehicle with off road capabilities.

As usual the trim configurations are designated as SE, SE Lux and R-Design. It comes with a high level of specification as standard, which can be enhanced at purchase or Retro fitted afterwards. The XC90's we have had for sale with us at BVSWales have sold out immediately. They do not seem to come up regularly on the used market, and there are a great number of them still with their original owners, who find them very reliable providing they are regularly serviced in accordance with the recommended mileages of time periods. We are always on the lookout for these vehicles for customers in waiting such is the popularity. Shown to the right is the latest facelifted version as of 2013, which offers less CO2 with fuel economy gains in certain engine and geartronic combinations.